Certificate in Community Care


The Certificate in Community Care is an intensive 17-day programme that provides the aspiring community healthcare worker with a mix of cross-functional nursing and therapy skills and knowledge to operate in the community health setting.

The design of the programme- use of a blended approach such as classroom training followed by clinical/industry attachment is an effective approach to help healthcare career-seekers to gain entry-level skills and transfer the learning to the workplace.

Career Prospects & Progression

Graduates of this programme can look forward to a myriad of job opportunities in the community health sector, such as nursing homes, day care centres and home care.

Award of Certification

Upon meeting course completion requirements, graduates will be accorded the Certificate in Community Care.


The course comprises 12 days of full-time classroom training and 5 days of clinical attachment.

Delivery Methods

During the classroom training, participants will be provided with guidance and instruction by Registered Nurses and Physiotherapists/Occupational Therapists with years of experience in the Community Health setting. The course curriculum comprises 20% theory and 80% practical hours and participants will be given ample time and opportunities to improve and polish their practical skills.

The course will be conducted in English.


  1. Demonstrate Understanding Of Long-Term Care Environment
  2. Adopt Workplace Health And Safety Practices
  3. Provide Basic First Aid
  4. Manage Stress And Develop Personal Resilience
  5. Demonstrate Understanding Of Ageing Processes And Associated Medical Conditions
  6. Demonstrate Patient-Centric Communication Techniques With Elderly Clients
  7. Assist With Lifting, Transferring And Positioning Of Elderly Clients With Reduced Mobility
  8. Assist With Mobility With And Without Use Of Mobility Aids
  9. Perform Basic Patient Assessment
  10. Assist With Nutirtional Needs
  11. Assist With Activities Daily Living (Adls)
  12. Assist With Rehabilitative Activities
  13. Work-Based Learning
Assessment Methods

Oral/written tests, assignments and practical performance

Graduation Criteria

Course completion requirements are met for the student who:

  1. Passed all assessments (Theory and Practical),
  2. Achieved at least 85% of the attendance for the classroom-training phase and
  3. Achieved at least 80% of the attendance for the clinical attachment phase.

In the event that the student fails to meet any one of the criteria, he/she will have to repeat the course in the next course run.

  1. ILTC Employer sponsored In-Service Trainees (Singaporean & Singapore PR) eligible for AIC 90% course fee subsidy
  2. Satisfy academic entry requirement:
    -- Passed PSLE (or equivalent); OR
    -- Obtained Workplace Literacy & Numeracy (WPLN) Level-3 for Reading
Course Fee
Fee Subsidy
ILTC Employer sponsored In-Service Trainees (Singaporean & Singapore PR) eligible for AIC 90% course fee subsidy.
Course Fee before AIC fee subsidy $2,450.00
AIC course fee subsidy $2,205.00
Course Fee after AIC fee subsidy $245.00
Course Fee payable

Course Fee after AIC fee subsidy inclusive of GST

Employers can refer to AIC for funding and registration for this course.

Please Click Here or contact 1800-650-6060 for more information. (refer. Pg 19-21)